Laying out the orchard

July kept us occupied with laying out the pipework for irrigation and then planting the trees we’d ordered:

  • assorted citrus (lemons, limes, clementines and blood oranges)
  • almonds (12 each of three different varieties, for cross-pollination)
  • peaches (3 different varieties, one of which is Culemborg. After having eaten a white peach in France some years ago, I was determined to grow some white peaches)
  •  apricots
  •  nectarines
  •  walnuts
  •  figs
  • guavas
  • vines (3 different varieties)

    Newly planted vines and fruit trees

    Newly planted vines and fruit trees

They are so small, they’re hardly visible in this picture, but now it feels like we’ve really made a start at farming here.

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