Various fruit trees and vines, all under drip or microjet irrigation; • were planted in 2013. We have continued planting, and replacing where necessary.

Vines – 85 in total

There are 4 varieties of vines, all on wire trellises:

  Hanepoot , Flame, Autumn Royal, and seedless Sultana 

  Assorted fruit trees – Pomegranates,  Apples (Granny Smiths & Early Red Ones),  Pears, Assorted citrus (lemons, clementines and blood oranges),  plums, figs (white, brown and black),  apricots, peaches (cling, dessert and white dessert), nectarines, guavas and quinces.

Olives (mainly Mission and Frantoia for oil and Kalamata for bottling) – 400 in total



•  Assorted nuts – mainly almonds (2 varieties),  and pecans


 A variety of seasonal vegetables is grown in a 300m2 shade house.


Lavender bushes, Shade trees around the houses, Chickens for an egg supply and a beehive for pollination of the fruit trees.