Water Storage (part two)

Bill has always had a great affinity for water and when we’re not at Murrayfield he swims almost daily.

Working through the hot Karoo summer of 2012, he sorely missed his daily swim, so easily convinced me that we needed do to something about increasing our water storage capacity. The first step was some earth moving: a small dam has been excavated at the bottom of the property, and a plinth prepared for a mesh reservoir closer to the house. Our nephew Anson assisted with the assembly of the reservoir. So, there you have it…. my birthday present for 2012!


Water storage

SONY DSCPart of our strategy to address our water challenges

Shade trees

The first shade trees

, was to  increase our storage capacity.

The most obvious step was to begin harvesting rainwater. Bill spent some time up on the roof installing gutters and an additional 2500l tank for  collection of rainwater and dew.

This was done in June 2012 – just in time for the first rain of the season, and to water the 10 newly planted shade trees (Rhus pendulina) around the house