Those who are familiar with the Karoo area in the Western Cape region of South Africa know that this is a water-stressed area. We knew from the outset that water would be one of our biggest challenges – both in terms of quantity and quality.

A first analysis, in 2011, proved that the water was indeed very high in Sodium and Chlorides. In addition, the corrosivity index was high, so we could expect significant wear and tear in pipework and pumps if this were not addressed.  We also saw no point in adding additional salt to soil already requiring amelioration for this problem.

Installation of the water purification system was done just before the trees and vines were planted.

Commissioning the Reverse Osmosis Plant

The system comprises:

  • A borehole which delivers 2500l/hr of water with a CC count of 500 µs
  • A 1000l/hr reverse osmosis system which purifies the water.
  • A 75000l reservoir with reticulation system.
  • Reservoir
  • A 500l tank on a stand which feeds water to the 3 dwellings
  • A 250l tank for collecting rainwater

A solar water geyser with 2 supplementary gas geysers supplies hot water to the three dwellings

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