Pining for Murrayfield

As yet another weekend goes by where Bill is off to Murrayfield & I stay behind, I wait with a sense of anticipation… Our bank loan has finally come through – after months – yes, months (4 to be precise) of to-ing and fro-ing and increasing mounds of paperwork. All this for less than the price of a second hand bakkie.
Be that as it may, Bill is now raring to go with contouring, lime spreading and the once-off rip that will allow the lime to penetrate. We had a worrying moment last night, as it started raining. While rain is always welcome in the Karoo, this time, it’s about two weeks too soon. Let’s hope he can get the earthworks completed before the soil is too sticky.
With a bit of luck, I’ll be up there soon, and will take some photos of the changed landscape.

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