We already have three dogs. The youngest, at 9 months, is still a pup herself, so the last thing we were considering was another dog. However, these things are not always our decisions to make. Last weekend, Bill found a sopping wet bundle of skin and bones hiding behind a piece of wood propped against a wall on the stoep. It was such a sorry sight he didn’t even recognise it as a pup at first. He dried it off and gave it some food and water. By the rate at which she devoured it, she hadn’t eaten for a very long time. Bill had to go up to Bloemfontein the next day to pick up a bakkie. He left more food & water, and a bucket on it’s side with a blanket for warmth, hoping she’d make it on her own for another couple of days. Here she is after three days.


Still too young to have left her mother, but definitely a survivor. She’s since been to the vet for a general check, deworming & innocculations. She’s also had a bath to remove the last of the mud clinging to her fur. Now that she’s clean, we can see that there’s a lot of sheepdog in her. How she will turn out we will have to wait and see.

We still have no idea how she came to be on our stoep, but she’s here to stay.

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